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Beyond Notes Music Publishing offers in 2023/2024 the unique opportunity to premiere works by the Swiss-based composer Saeed Habibzadeh. Habibzadeh is a revolutionary composer who aims to bring the true essence of classical music to people's hearts. The planned concerts will start with a brief explanation and get the audience in the right mood. In this way, the concert-goers are sensitised to the music and experience a concert evening of unprecedented intensity. The concerts can be organized in close cooperation between the orchestra, composer and conductor Susann Offenmüller.

Premieres of symphonic works

Swiss Waltz

Instrumentation: approx. 60 instrumentalists

Duration: approx. 10:00 min

The Swiss Waltz is the first waltz in music history dedicated to Switzerland and the honorable Swiss people.

Capriccio The Heavenly Celebration

Instrumentation: approx. 90 instrumentalists

Duration: approx. 9:00 min

Capriccio The Heavenly Celebration depicts the heavenly festival in paradise and the triumph of light over the dark, evil powers.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Capriccio Das himmlische Fest.jpg

Summer Festival Waltz and the Magic of the Elves

Instrumentation: approx. 97 instrumentalists

Duration: approx. 18:00 min

Summer Festival Waltz and the Magic of the Elves is a delightful composition full of joy, wit and magic. The waltz connects the magical world of the elves with the summer festival of the people.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Sommerfestwalzer und der Zauber der E

Bach's Last Journey

Instrumentation: approx. 93 musicians, organ and 40 choir singers

Duration: approx. 22:00 min

Bach's Last Journey is a symphonic poem that sonically describes Bach's ascent into heaven and his encounter with God.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Bachs letzte Reise.jpg


Instrumentation: approx. 70 instrumentalists and 40 choir singers

Duration: approx. 15:00 min

Homecoming describes the last walk of an old and sad man who tries to get home drunken. He does not reach his earthly home, but finds fulfillment in reuniting with the love of his life.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Heimkehr.jpg

Spartacus Symphony

Instrumentation: approx. 103 instrumentalists and 60 choir singers

Duration: approx. 56:00 min

The Spartacus Symphony is a journey through time to fight alongside the slaves with Spartacus for freedom. The symphony is a special kind of experience and will be performed in a unique concert format.

(more information on request)

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Spartacus Sinfonie.jpg

Chamber music premieres

The Quest

Instrumentation: string quartet

Duration: approx. 9:00 min

The Quest tells of the search for peace. The four instruments embody different feelings on the way to fulfillment.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Die Suche.jpg

On the way to her

Instrumentation: viola, piano

Duration: approx. 9:00 min

The duet for viola and piano On the way to her tells of the longing and desire of a man who is on the way to his great love.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Auf dem Weg zu ihr.jpg

Premieres of other works

Toccata and Fugue for the Glory of God

Instrumentation: organ

Duration: approx. 19:00 min

Toccata and Fugue for the Glory of God is a musical depiction of a man's encounter with God. It depicts the dialogue between God and man and provides a deep insight into creation.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Toccata udn Fuge zur Ehre Gottes.jpg

For Hélène

Instrumentation: piano

Duration: approx. 7:00 min

For Hélène is a piano piece of particular delicacy and depth dedicated to the pianist Hélène Grimaud.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Für Helene.jpg

Corona Sonata

Instrumentation: piano

Duration: approx. 8:00 min

The Corona Sonata is a piano piece that was written during the Corona pandemic to give comfort and hope.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Corona Sonate.jpg

Who are we?

Susann Offenmueller_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Press Photo

Beyond Notes is a music publisher based in Switzerland and represents the musical activities of Saeed Habibzadeh and Susann Offenmüller.

Saeed Habibzadeh is the most unusual composer and music producer of our time. His works span classical music, film music, musicals and pop and are characterized by a unique style of particular beauty and depth. Saeed Habibzadeh lives and works in Switzerland.

Susann Offenmüller is a conductor and composer. Her repertoire includes the great classical works of music history and all the works of Saeed Habibzadeh, with whom she has worked closely for many years. As a composer, she works in the fields of classical music, film music and pop. Susann Offenmüller lives and works in Switzerland.

If you are interested, please contact Susann Offenmüller via:

Phone:    +41 78 233 64 88


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