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Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Projects for Universities

for Universities and Conservatories

The Swiss music publisher Beyond Notes Music Publishing presents a unique series of free, interactive events of a special kind for students.

The following projects are planned for the purpose of music education:

Moonlight Sonata - Music Education

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is one of the most performed works of classical music. Nevertheless, there is no explanation about the emotional content of this masterpiece. Saeed Habibzadeh translates the secret content and messages of the sounds of the Moonlight Sonata into simple words. In this way, this music appears in an unprecedented light and creates an intense connection to the heart of Beethoven.

This event is a journey through time that tells us the story of Beethoven's love.

Saeed Habibzadeh explains the first movement of the sonata. The event is free.

Other events in this series: Teaching Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony (1st movement) | Rossini's Wilhelm Tell Overture | Beethoven's 6th Symphony (3rd movement, Storm) | Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade (3rd movement) and others

Lost Men - Film Music

Film music is a translation of images into the language of music. It has long since become an established genre in music history. Many orchestras have recognized this and have included concerts based on film music compositions in their concert repertoire.


But how does film music work from the point of view of a composer?

How are scenic representations translated into music? Instruments and melodies selected? And how does the atmosphere of a film translate into music?

Based on his new film music album Lost Men (release March 2023), Saeed Habibzadeh explains the secrets of film composition. A must for film enthusiasts and music students. The event is free.

Who are we?

Susann Offenmueller_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Press Photo

Beyond Notes is a music publisher based in Switzerland and represents the musical activities of Saeed Habibzadeh and Susann Offenmüller.

Saeed Habibzadeh is the most unusual composer and music producer of our time. His works include classical music, film music, musicals and pop and are characterized by a unique style of particular beauty and depth. Saeed Habibzadeh lives and works in Switzerland.

Susann Offenmüller is a conductor and composer. Her repertoire includes the great classical works of music history and all the works of Saeed Habibzadeh, with whom she has worked closely for many years. As a composer, she works in the fields of classical music, film music and pop. Susann Offenmüller lives and works in Switzerland.

If you are interested, please contact Susann Offenmüller via:

Mobile   +41 78 233 64 88


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