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Capriccio The Heavenly Celebration


Saeed Habibzadeh


Year of publication




Herbert von Karajan





Beyond Notes Music Publishing


Orchestral work



Large orchestra with 90 musicians

Detailed Instrumentation

Score format

Conductor score DIN A3,

Study score DIN A4,

Instrumental parts Bach format

(230 x 305 mm)


Playing time

approx. 09:00 min



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In early February 2020, I had the idea to translate the scene of a heavenly celebration in paradise into music. The inspirations were so beautiful and lively that I was able to orchestrate and notate the piece without much effort. Thus it was possible that the Capriccio was fully instrumented and completed by the end of May.

Capriccio Das himmlische Fest (Capriccio The Heavenly Celebration) describes a festival in heaven, in which we all dance and celebrate happily together. Many lovers get together and dance their love joyfully and cheerfully. It is a playful, happy and vivid festival that invites you to dance along.

Dark forces appear in the middle of the festival. They conquer the festival and try to smash it. But they are defeated by divine forces. The festival goes on even more powerful and happier and ends with an honor of God in gratitude, unity and love.
The mission and purpose of this work is to remind us that we are divine beings and children of God full of beauty and nobleness. It wants to remind us how beautiful and wonderful life can be when we make each other happy and treat one another with benevolence, respect and acceptance.

 “There is no barrier love cannot overcome.”
(Saeed Habibzadeh)

This Capriccio wishes for a world that we can leave to our children with joy and pride.

This work is dedicated to the greatest and truest conductor ever, Herbert von Karajan.

May we see each other again soon, my friend!

Saeed Habibzadeh

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