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Score for Piano and Viola


During a music trip to Austria in July 2022, I met the viola player Romana Rauscher. She asked me if I would compose a duet for viola and piano. I immediately agreed because for many months, especially since completing the string quartet The Quest, I had been feeling the urge to compose a duet.

The idea would not let me rest until I started composing it. I wrote the duet On the way to her in a few hours. The duet tells of the longing and desire of a man who is on the way to his great love. She is also waiting for him full of love and longing. The journey is accompanied by thoughts, memories and longings for his love in the distance. But it is also painful because the two are not yet united. The duet tells of the honest feelings of a loving man and invites us to also set out on the journey for our true love.

The duet is dedicated to Romana Rauscher, who always treated me in a friendly and respectful manner.

Saeed Habibzadeh
August 2022

On the way to her - Duet for Viola and Piano

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  • Title: On the way to her

    Composer: Saeed Habibzadeh

    Opus: 11

    Publisher: Beyond Notes Music Publishing

    Published: August 2022

    Instrumentation: duet (piano und viola)

    Key: C-minor

    Dedication: Romana Rauscher

    Playing time: ca. 02:54 min

    Bars: 87

    Pages: 16

    Edition: 1.

    Score format: Softcover

    Height: 30,5 cm

    Width: 23,0 cm

    Weight: 160 g

    Order No.: BNSH 11-D

    ISBN: 978-3-96974-128-3

    ISMN: 979-0-50293-128-5

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