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Score for piano


Hélène Grimaud is the inspiration for this piano piece. For me she is not just the greatest pianist, but more of a magical creature from an enchanted forest. A musical being who maintains deep friendships and relationships with trees, plants, stones, animals and natural creatures. Through her musicality she connects a magical world with our everyday world. This piano piece is a journey into a magical world that only music can express. That's why it's dedicated to her.


Saeed Habibzadeh

For Hélène (2nd Edition) - Piano work

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  • Title: For Hélène

    Composer: Saeed Habibzadeh

    Opus: 7

    Publisher: Beyond Notes Music Publishing

    Published: December 2021

    Instrumentation: Piano work

    Key: F minor

    Dedicated to: Hélène Grimaud

    Playing time: ca. 07:00 min

    Bars: 122

    Pages: 12

    Edition: 2nd

    Score format: Softcover

    Height: 30,5 cm

    Width: 23,0 cm

    Weight: 110 g

    Order Number: BNSH 07-D2



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