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Saeed Habibzadeh's first film music album is called Lost Men and contains 15 pieces of music.

This album depicts the torn between the quest for power and the longing for happiness.

It is a musical interpretation of the destruction of love and dreams through the pursuit of power.

Both the entire album and the individual titles, including the title songs Nightfall and Wait for me at home are also available as singles.

The download will be sent to the personal email address.

For any kind of exploitation please contact Saeed Habibzadeh via the Contact-Page.

The complete album or individual tracks can be licensed for films and media.



The meaning behind Lost Men explained by the composer Saeed Habibzadeh


1- Menu:

The first piece of music is intended for the Blu-ray menu. In just a few seconds it tells of the whole tragedy and mourning of the lost love. It is a musical introduction to the film.


2- Opening credits:

The film starts with this piece. There are pictures of a small town slowly waking up from the night. But the day doesn't bode well. Bassoon, flute and strings tell of a love that deserves to be lived, but the world of violence leaves no room for it. That is why the piece ends with uncertainty.


3- Meeting of the mafia bosses:

This piece is about power games by men who want to use violence to gain and maintain control of their city. The strings show the determined steps of the men.


4- Falling in love:

This piece depicts the heavenly encounter of two souls destined for one another. Their desire comes true in this encounter. The music shows the nervousness of the two. They get closer and introduce themselves. They shake hands. This first touch of two souls in the material world causes dizziness and butterflies in the stomach, especially for the woman. This is shown by the flute.


5- The first kiss:

The lovers know that their love is not accepted and has no future. But they don't give up hope and meet secretly. After a short conversation, they realize that they don’t want to and cannot live without each other. They kiss each other passionately, which is shown with the first climax. Here, too, flute shows how she is getting dizzy, being no longer in control of her senses due to an abundance of happiness. After a short pause, shown by Horn, we see the lovers expressing their love in bed. This is shown by the second and stronger climax.


6- Dreams of two:

This piece shows what dreams they envision. They fantasize about getting married, having children and a happy family. They know that all of this is impossible but they don't give up on their dreams. The piece shows them falling asleep in uncertain dreams with no future.


7- Baptism:

This piece shows the baptism of a new born baby of a mafia family.


8- Killer in the night:

This piece vividly shows what it feels like when a hitman comes into a man's house to kill him. He's not comfortable with it because he has been forced to do it. Bassoon shows his displeasure. But luckily nobody is home. Therefore, the piece ends in uncertainty and darkness.


9- Contract killing:

This music shows the killer making the next attempt to kill the man in town. Scene changes show the man and the woman happily out and about in the city, enjoying life together very much. They celebrate their love and bliss together and dream of a love together full of happiness and fulfillment. But the killer is close on their heels waiting for a good opportunity.


10- Prayer in the church

Here the desperation of the man is shown as he asks God for help and assistance in the church. He knows that their love is hopeless.


11- Last hope:

The situation is coming to a head and there is only a faint hope that everything will go well. But it doesn't look like it. The music shows that the two lovers find no place in this world for their love.


12- Assassination:

Here the killing of the man in the city is shown. He falls to the ground as she collapses. The main theme of love in this album is played only briefly by the guitar to show the end of the lovers' dreams.


13- Funeral:

The man´s funeral is shown. Everyone knows how much he and she loved each other. The mourners are powerless and deeply shaken. This piece also ends with the main musical theme of the lovers. This motif will be the last one heard in the final tracks of this album.


14- Wait for me at home (Credits):

For me personally, this track is the most intense, tragic and saddest piece on this album. It is the closing credits of the film. This music shows that the film has come to an end and so has the love of the lovers. She sings this song through the stars into infinity. She sings that she will not give up her love for him. Even death cannot separate them. The piece continues with a choir of the mourning souls who empathize with the lovers. It concludes with the guitar showing the musical motif of love in this album. Susann Offenmüller wrote the lyrics for this piece, composed the melody for her singing and sang it masterfully and very sensitively. Saeed Habibzadeh did the instrumentation, orchestration and musical realization. Maxima Manni took over the technical realization, which she fulfilled with much love and dedication.


15- Nightfall (Theme song):

Nightfall contains the music of Wait for me at home. However, it has completely different lyrics and a different main melody. The orchestration and instrumentation are also quite different.

Lost Men - Album incl. Singles

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